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Rules For Casino Dealers

Being a casino dealer isn’t as easy as you might think. Sure, on the outside dealers always look cheerful, always help and sometimes even make everybody laugh. It looks like a dream job, especially for people who enjoy entertaining others.

However, behind all this cheer and charm, the dealer’s mind is always on a task. And not just one task, mind you, but many of them all at once.

Casino Dealer Responsibilities

Casino dealers act according to strict regulations and extensive rules. Many things have to be done in a precise manner, including card dealing, chip and cash transferring and even the manner that the dealers talk to people.

What makes the job most difficult, though, is the sheer amount of responsibilities they have. These include:

  • Dealing cards or other game items
  • Transferring chips among players and the bank (receiving bets, paying out the winnings)
  • Making sure that everything goes according to the game rules
  • Counting the bets and the winnings
  • Providing information
  • Communicating with and entertaining the players
  • Keeping an eye out for cheaters
  • Being very fast and efficient at everything

That’s just the basic duties of a regular casino dealer, so there’s always a lot to keep in the mind of the dealer. There’s absolutely no room for daydreaming and losing focus even for a moment is highly frowned upon.

Card Dealing Rules For Casino Dealers

Casino dealers are called this way precisely because of their duty to deal cards and host the casino table games. Not every table games uses cards, however, but dealers for roulette are still called the same way.

Although card dealing is the main task for dealers, it’s one of the simplest ones. At least, it seems like it at first glance. There are special rules to deal cards in casinos.

In fact, people even take special courses to learn how to deal cards properly. There are several things that are important here:

1. Precision

First of all, cards and other game items have to be dealt very precisely by the casino dealers. The strict procedures aren’t just a matter of tradition, but also of fairness.

Dealers aren’t robots, so they have to act in a way that shows they aren’t hiding anything and work according to the rules.

That’s why they always show their palms after dealing cards – to show that they didn’t take any up their sleeve. That’s just one example out of many. So, if you see a dealer who doesn’t follow the code – see it as a warning sign.

2. Speed

While precision and clearly visible movements are very important for casino dealers, speed is even more important.

Since dealers are the ones to progress the game from dealing to betting to scoring phases, the flow of the game falls heavily on their shoulders. And it isn’t an easy task when there are eight people at the table!

Just to give you an idea of how fast they have to be, a regular casino dealer should complete around 100 Blackjack rounds per hour. We don’t tend to see that while enjoying the game, but the dealers are working hard all the time.

Counting Bets and Paying Winnings

It’s obvious that casino dealers have to be exceptional at maths. They only have to do simple addition and multiplication operations, but it’s the speed that matters.

Some dealers make over 1,000 various math operations per hour and such instant solutions are necessary to keep the game going without any prolonged breaks. Counting is required for almost every step at casino games:

  • Making out the size of each player’s bet
  • Determining the winnings based on the winning bet size
  • Keeping track of each player’s chips to ensure that everything’s fair

So, not only do casino dealers need to count all the chips, they also need to know all the game rules very well. They can’t afford forgetting if some bet pays 2:1 or 3:2, or mixing things up some other way.

Casino Dealers Are Experts of Game Rules

While some casino dealers only work at one or a few games tables, most need to know all casino games available in the house. This allows them to work at different places and be very flexible.

Aside from the rules of all games, dealers need to know all the intricacies and rules of the dealing practices for each game. The good news is that at least these practices aren’t much different for games that are similar, especially various card games.

Casino Dealers Are Security

Casinos do have security staff, lots of cameras and people who observe the players all the time. However, dealers always have the closest view of players and they have to use this advantage.

In other words, while dealers deal, count, collect the chips and talk to players, they also have to pay attention to their behaviour, follow their hands and eyes. Of course, they know various body language signs and predictable behaviours to look out for. And they’re not alone in this, so it isn’t the most important part of their job.

Nevertheless, if you want to cheat at a casino you have to fool the dealer first and that’s not easy when sat right in front of them.

Casino Dealers As Support and Entertainers

On top of everything we said about casino dealers so far, they have to be great hosts, provide information, support and entertain players at their table.

For all these reasons, outgoing and charismatic nature is the most important skill required from the applicants, often even more important than mathematical knowledge itself. Maths can be taught, but charisma – not so much.

1. Customer Support

Aside from the game rules and play order, dealers have to know a whole lot about their casino in general, local gambling laws and even the city or resort they’re in.

That’s because casino dealers are often the foremost customer support representatives. They answer various questions, explain games rules, point to other game tables people are looking for or even provide information about tourist attractions in the vicinity.

2. Entertainers

When playing casino games, dealers are responsible for keeping the players engaged, speaking to them and ultimately making them feel good.

This is an important aspect of the job, because people are more likely to return if they like the dealer. Good communications skills in this position usually make the difference between a time well spent and a boring or unlucky session for the players.

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